Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, if you've been reading this blog frequently, off and on, or ever at all for that matter you might be used to seeing movie reviews here however I've decided I'm through with reviewing movies (for now) I'm pretty sure I've dried up my need or want to come up with witty things to say about them to be honest... if you've never been here before then great - nothing's changed and it doesn't matter.
Basically, I like to write stories and always have. In one form or another, whether I was doodling cartoons as a kid, writing shorts in English Class or coming up with various 'script ideas'. So I'm going to attempt to rekindle that flame by writing stories here in the posts. I don't know if I'll write one continuous story at first or chapters here and there of various ones... who knows? To be honest I have no clue what my plan is.

So, before this post (from 2007 - 2009) there are a bunch of blog posts of movie reviews (See the archives, to the right)

After this post there will be a few pieces of short story for all to enjoy!

Come back soon.

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