Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bloodline - Chapter 3 - "This World That Man Made"

This World That Man Made

Sitting by the window on our plane to The Czech Republic, I can't help but wonder why I still love seeing this view so much. There are few things I enjoy in this life quite as much as the view of the moon and the speckled light of the landscape below as we soar. Perhaps it's because this is all something that was invented in my lifetime. Generally speaking it's all relatively new.

Sure, I've been flying in one way or another since the advent of commercial flights but only now is it so easy to just get on one and go. As a vampire it was always difficult to make sure your flight wasn't arriving or departing in the daytime. Or God forbid, flying right up into daylight mid-flight. But these humans. They've spent the best part of the 20th century making things so convenient and accessible for them that they never really thought about how they might benefit they're only predator.

They never even considered us.

Man's greatest achievement was convincing himself that we don't exist.

It seems absurd, really. The more we made ourselves known. The more of us that slipped up and gave ourselves away to humans. The more of us that broke that unwritten (Though it is written in the Book Of Nod) law that a Vampire should never under any circumstances reveal themselves to a mortal. The more we plain fucked up, the less humans actually believed in us.

They write novels, movies, television shows. They make costumes for hallowe'en, all emulating our kind. They spend so much time convincing themselves that we Vampires are nothing more than shadows in the back of their own imaginations and it looks like last century they finally achieved it. Even I remember a time when a genuine belief, if somewhat vague, in Vampires was real. The look of actual terror but also of realization on people's faces back in the early 1900's when I would emerge from the shadows to take their lives was enough to tell me that somewhere they still believed. These days people convince themselves, right up until I feel their very last heart beat on my tongue, that I must be some fucked up "goth" or a drug addict of some kind. Seldom do I hear them whisper "Nosferatu!" in a low, terrified whisper, and although I do miss those days it's hard to complain when the absence of that fear makes it so much easier to hunt. Humans seem to not even think about the danger they pose to each other when they walk alone at night, never mind the dangers that might lurk for them of a different kind.

By making ourselves, and the stories about ourselves, more and more fantastic we've managed to hide ourselves completely from the humans till they decided that we couldn't possibly be real.

By becoming so unbelievable, we can keep away from people. Disassociate from them and let them go about their self centered, greedy ways, while we just sit and wait to see what becomes of these self destructive creatures.

I can't help but wonder to myself if that's what God is doing too.

I look down at the ground and see the seemingly endless stream of lights below. Streetlights. House lights. Some in clusters around larger towns and cities, some standing virtually on their own. Car lights, moving along from place to place. It seems there are so many people alive in the world today that they simply can't all do their business during the daytime anymore. There's always someone going somewhere.

A cluster of lights below looks like a little village. Must be about 200 people living there, by the looks of it. There are so many of these little villages though - it seems no-one is ever very far from anyone else. All packed like sardines, even when their out in the country. The countryside used to be where humans were safest from us but now even out here there is enough of a clutter that I could easily feed on one or two of them in this little village and have ample place to hide before having to move on.

If only they knew.

Would they have developed the world differently if they knew the danger?
Would they have spread themselves out and made sure not to allow hiding places to exist all around them?
If humans really knew about us, would their world be different?
I don't think so. From what I gather this world that they've created does little to serve them either. Overcrowding, polluting and strangling the Earth of all it's resources. None of it affects my kind though, of course. Only makes it easier.

Still, it's hard for me to look out this window at a landscape I've seen hundreds of times before both from the air and on the ground, and not feel a little sadness inside at the changes. These days all you can see on the ground are lights, the occasional mountain maybe or anything that's brightly lit enough to be visible like a car park. The light down there makes it impossible to see the trees, the actual landscape that used to be so visible when the world was almost entirely illuminated only by moonlight. I remember being at this height, on probably one of the first flights across Europe ever, and being able to see animals moving around down below even in the dead of night. Now all I can see are a lone car's headlights drifting slowly from one cluster to the next.
Choking the world as he goes.
And here we fly, nothing but a lone flickering light in the sky to the driver below.
Choking the world as we go.
And here I can see the illuminated city of Prague as we approach, a few smoke plumes piling into the sky from it's outskirts and a strange flickering of lights coming from it's center as a bundles of cars go about their city business.
Choking the world as they go.

It seems these days, that anything new the humans do just extends their lifespan, increases their population and continues to suck the air out of the planet and replace it with a fine layer of smog.

But that's okay, I don't need to breathe.


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