Sunday, October 9, 2011



As Mason stumbled through the rain sodden streets of Amityville gulping down his last few drops of whiskey he squinted into the distance. Car headlights? He laughed out loud.

"Not today!", he yelled.

He stopped almost dead, listening to the echo of his screaming down the streets and his voice became a whisper.

"Not to-fucking-day...".

He lobbed his almost empty bottle halfheartedly into the road and watched it smash through the window of a parked car across the street. The alarm went of and took over Mason's scuffled footsteps and occasional screams as the only noise in the now-silent town of Amityville. He let out a sigh of relief at the alarm and fell back to lean on a shop window ledge to listen to the car's alarm until it's battery died. He never quite made it as the liquor he had been drinking since the sun rose the previous morning caught up on him quickly and he fell back and all but passed out.

Half awake and squinting at the stars far above his head he felt more alone than any human being had ever felt.

He had felt the fear of being abandoned before. By friends, lovers, family. Feelings both real and imagined when, just as anyone else does growing up, he felt that the entire world had turned it's back on him and left him to fend for himself with no support. Time when he had literally just been away from his closest and been at too great a distance to speak to a familiar voice. That feeling of cold dread he knows all too well when a loved one died and he couldn't imagine anyone ever filling the vast void they had left in his world.

There are all feelings that Mason, and many others like him, are sadly all too familiar with in this life but today was very different.

For just 48 hours previously, almost to the minute, Mason had awoken as normal in his family's Amityville home to find that everyone, it seemed, had completely vanished from the Earth, leaving behind only their possessions but leaving no trace of themselves behind.

No family in his home.

No people in the relatively busy central street of Amityville.

No television or radio broadcasts from anywhere, local or national.

And absolutely no sign or clue as to what happened to everyone. Everyone in the entire world.

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