Sunday, December 23, 2012

Today is the first day...

I don't know why I'm typing this, but then again I don't know why there's still power or an internet connection either. Maybe that means there's a chance that there is someone else out there somewhere.

I'm not trying to attract anyone's attention, if there is an "anyone" anywhere, but I'm going to work on ideas to attract attention tomorrow. Fires, lights and whatever... see if I can find a local radio station and see if I can figure out how to send a signal? One of those things that seems real easy in movies but when you actually think about how to do it it seems impossible, I guess.

Today was obviously a write-off. Spent the morning trying to phone everyone and anyone I know before running into the streets screaming like a banshee, relatively rational behavior when you wake up to find everyone seemingly gone.
I don't even know what happened... I think just as I was dozing off I remember a blue light outside but it was probably just lightening. I'm connecting to unrelated things in my head just because they happened around the same time. Psychologists have some name for that...
Who knows? I'm probably never going to know considering there's no news to tell me... what? Am I going to go figure that shit out? Good luck.

Probably fucking aliens. Whatever, all I know is that yesterday, the 21st of December two thousand and twelve, seems to have really been the end of the world.

For everyone except me because as far as I can tell (Mind you it's only been one day... I can't speak for the whole world just yet) I'm the last person alive.

So after I had driven round town, finding any sign of anyone at all - out as far as the power plant because I figured someone must be there at least because power is still running. No-one! I don't know about computers like that though... maybe they run a few days without people?
What happens after a few days?
They must need people at some point though, otherwise we wouldn't have people work there...

Well anyway, it's off to bed and maybe tomorrow I'll figure out something... probably involving a lot of liquor.

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Kay R said...

Okay, this is funny! I came across your blog by accident, but I began reading. Some of them were so sad and then, all of a sudden, I said, "Wait..." and scrolled all the way to the oldest post to confirm my suspicions. :) I guess I should have read the description up there. :) This blog is awesome!