Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year: Snow Business

Well it's been a couple of weeks now. Still no signs that anyone else is alive, or dead for that matter... not a single dead body - just one of the many factors which makes this all too strange for me to comprehend. It's really as though something just eradicated everyone out of existence but left all the remnants of humanity behind, and forgot to take me along with them.

Quite a horrific snow storm or two came through at the end of 2012 and I realized quickly just how much we all depended on those snow plows clearing the way. The whole town was quickly blanketed leaving no roads or pathways easily accessible. I spent a full two days trekking back and forth to the nearest store with a make-shift sled I fashioned out of a piece of my fence to carry as much as I could on. I probably had enough canned food and bottled water in my house to last a while but I didn't want to stay put in case more storms came through and made it impossible to leave the house. Fortunately the snow's cleared up a bit and the sun's come back out and I was able to borrow one of the neighbor's trucks with a snow plow attachment and did my best to plow a pathway through so I can get to the main streets of town.
So now I'm fully stocked - probably enough supplies to go for months if I'm ever stranded in my house for whatever reason. I've taken every car in my neighborhood down to the local gas stations to fill them up while there's power to do so without siphoning so even getting anywhere for the foreseeable future should be doable.
What's somewhat puzzling to me is that it does seem to be only people that are gone... I've heard and seen some wild animals, birds, deers and coyotes mainly, but in addition, while getting into the neighborhood houses to search for car keys I discovered several pets, alive and well. Pretty depressing that I can't do very much to help them... but I emptied out any food I found and left all the doors open for those animals that could choose to venture outside. I know, it's the middle of winter and they probably don't stand much chance but at least outside they have a chance instead of being locked up in their homes with no chance of survival.
I plan to spend the next few days getting to all the houses I can and searching for other such survivors and setting them free, and turning off anything electrical I find in the homes too.
I honestly have no clue why the power would still be on, and less of a clue why I can still access the internet (Although, obviously I'm seeing no updates beyond my own blog here), but since I don't understand why the power's on I'm thinking I should do whatever I can do conserve it.
None of this is making much sense to me, nor do I think it ever will but it definitely seems like I'm the last person left on Earth.

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