Sunday, January 25, 2015

Home Again

It's been a crazy couple of years diary...
A storm pushed me out of Burlington - you don't realize how harsh those big winter storms can be until there's no infrastructure around to see you through - and I headed South.
It took my 3 damn weeks to reach the Massachusetts border.
I holed up in a little grocery store in Williamstown for about a month until Spring started to shine through a bit and I was able to get back on the snow-free roads again.. I thought it strange that the power was now out everywhere but figured that whatever force had been keeping it on before wasn't weird enough to be immune to a good old New England winter storm.
Turns out I was wrong about that but I only discovered that this morning.. bizarre!
Anyway - I've been on the road for almost 2 years and I've concluded only a few things with certainty.
1. America is a beautiful country and now that the wildlife is springing back it seems it's only getting nicer to look at (But slightly more dangerous to trek around)
2. There's almost certainly no people, or trace of people, left at least in North America (See how there's still a little naive hope in that sentence that there might be people still around in other countries? Whatever, I guess I'm just being human)
3. There's still no Sun in the sky and I still can't explain it, but yet there's still daylight and night time. I've no idea.
4. There's no power anywhere except for Northern Vermont...

People disappearing entirely, the Sun's mysterious and unexplainable vanishing act - these I've had time to adjust to, or at least get used to but number 4 is one I didn't expect.. but when I came cruising up route 7 this morning more and more street and store lights flickered on until I was all the way back in Burlington, looking as lit up as the day I left it. Unexplainable..

But, you know, what's new?
I think it's time for a  well earned rest though. I guess I can start recording the life and times of me again now I have power.

So there's that.

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