Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Short Circuit

Watched this little treasure last night. I've been trying to talk Becky into watching it for about 25 years now (We've both seen it already, I'm just an asshole) and last night without even prompting she said "If you want to watch Short Circuit, make it tonight".
Honestly I wasn't particularly in the mood but how could I pass up this oppurtunity?!
I couldn't! And I should stress very carefully that I wasn't in the mood for it. As soon as that tape started rolling (Or rather, as soon as those little electrical signals started sending, as we watched it on NetFlix - Watch It Now)I was launched into the mood!
This movie is every bit as awesome as I remember, with the added bonus that you suddenly realise that the Indian (As in, next to Pakistan) Doctor guy is fairly racist! Ah the joys of the dark gloomy doomed racist era of the 80's before anyone really thought we were all born equal!
Hold on, that sounded like communist propoganda!
It also sounded like I supported racism!
This film was a blatant exercise in neo-nazi inflammatory evil mind-washing and should have all copies burned and destroyed save for one copy, which should be kept in a glass case in a museum in Auschwitz to serve as an example.
Years from now people can pass through and see the darkness that once, many decades ago, fueled enough racial hatred and radical ideas about machines having minds of their own to send the world toppling into the greatest depression it has ever seen. Not to mention the great "Short Circuit Wars" of '91.
It's a little known fact that both conflicts in and around Iraq were a direct result of Presidents' viewing this very film.

This clip is actually only referencing Short Circuit 2, in which Johnny 5 learns the true meaning of Christmas.

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