Monday, December 29, 2008

The Man Who Sued God

This film I've been meaning to see since it came out but hadn't gotten around to it until last night. The reason it took so long, I think, is because I had basically all but lost hope in films starring Billy Connolly. Not that he's not funny, quite the opposite in fact, I think he's an extremely funny comedian but no film that I had seen to date truly made his character even remotely as funny as the man himself (A few films had him play roles well and very well - A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Fido, Who Is Cletis Tout? - but just not any roles as funny as he is) and others, such as Beautiful Joe, seemed to believe that by just having him present they didn't need to worry about having a funny script because he was there, which obviously isn't the case when someone is acting out your script. You need to have a script written to match the comedian.

So I was hesitant to see The Man Who Sued God perhaps because I expected it to be really lame and have Billy's character be another waste of a great talent but fortunately enough, I was wrong - The Man Who Sued God makes perfect use of Billy and is (almost) as funny as his stand-up routine for at least 50% of the movie and I realized what made his character better in this film...

Billy was pissed off!

In other films he had been complaisant, quaint, quirky but in this he rants, swears, shouts and screams just as much as his better stand up routines therefor making this film a much more compelling view than most of his films - if you're looking for Billy himself to be funny that is.

The only flaw, as far as I can see, is that it's a relatively dull plot and extremely predictable. You know right from the start that the ending is going to be a good one and the only challenge we have is trying to work out how it's going to get there and what amusing obstacles might stand in the way of our angry hero. Call me "weird" if you must, but I think I just prefer watching a film that you don't know is going to end up good or bad and leaves you a little tense. Unfortunately I suppose most comedies don't really do that which is probably why I spend much more of my time watching horror films that are probably 50/50 in how often they have happy endings.

I also think the love story could have been completely dropped from the movie without doing it any harm. No-one needs to see Billy Connolly do a full on open-mouthed kiss with anyone at anytime and expect to keep their lunch.

Sorry Billy!

The Man Who Sued God's NetFlix page - you can actually watch this online for no charge if you already have a NetFlix account if you go to that link before the 31st of December. Hurry!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do You Like Hitchcock?

Yes, yes I do.

This is probably the best scene in the movie:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Prom Night (1980)

What is it that all major horror films are lacking?
One thing that you just know deep inside each and every one of them should have had.
A single film element that would have spanned all the horror franchises into longer lasting, epic, billion dollar movies.
Dance offs!

After seeing Prom Night I can safely say that no slasher flick should be complete without an old fashioned test of power via the medium of dance.
And Jamie Lee Curtis was involved? That only makes me realize that John Carpenter doesn't have the eye for talent that we may have inadvertently attributed him with. Why was there no dance competition with Michael Myers at the end of Halloween?
Epic fail, Mr. Carpenter.

And what's Activia's deal?
With a few simple convincing boogie steps, Jamie Lee could have us all replenishing ourselves with vomit-like substances from dawn till dusk.

Me: What's that Jamie Lee? You want me to take the Activia challenge? No thanks, I don't really like yogurt things and besides I don't really know that feeling 'irregular' actually means anything and it's probably just a ploy to get me to think I need your product.

Jamie Lee: *breaks out into disco fever*

Me: *buys ten years worth of Activia*

The only thing that could have possibly made the dance-offs better is if somehow a ninja were involved, but unfortunately we all know that could never happ... HOLY SHIT The bad guy's a ninja???

I speak the truth. A motherfucking, full fledged ninja (kind of)!! Well, he looks like one and he jumps around like one and yes, the final battle with the ninja-like evil doer is on the dance floor as the disco ball revolves.

So why haven't you seen this film?

You have? Great.

Additionally, Slick is the coolest character I have seen in any film ever.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not A Movie Review: Note

I just created a blog where I'll just share videos I find amusing...
The link is!
Bookmark it, view it often!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hellraiser: Bloodline

I fell asleep almost as soon as this started (Due to tiredness, not boredom) and for some reason I feel that was probably for the better
This seemed to be essentially "Pinhead In Space!", which seems rather corny and worth missing to me...

I was rather surprised to learn this is only the fourth in the series though and not "Hellraiser Part 56: We've Really Ran Out Of Ideas"

I wonder if they'll ever make "Freddy In Space"!

(This rating is a complete guess and possibly is giving the film the benefit of the doubt)

A Review By Someone Who Stayed Awake

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

I must admit that when I decided to watch this for the first time over the weekend I felt I was in for a bit of a laugh fest (ala War Of The Robots), but what I got was a well acted and thought provoking little film about a lovable alien coming to Earth with threats to annihilate us all. But in a nice way!

The special effects, though obviously dated somewhat, struck me as being relatively believable.
I was thoroughly impressed and it actually made me look forward to the new version, starring Keanu Reeves, a little more than I already was. I'm just sort of curious as to how they pan it out as it seems from the trailer that Keanu comes to Earth with a much more threatening position than the lovable Klaatu played by Michael Rennie who just doesn't seem to want to scowl at all.

Anyway, the facvt is I only reviewed this to try and snatch some gullible fools looking for The Day The Earth Stood Still reviews!


No, really, I did watch it though

That's me, rambling about the remake

The Day The Earth Stood Still's Wikipedia Page