Friday, February 22, 2008

Soft For Digging

This movie was a little unusual.
There must have been maybe two or three lines of dialog, mostly one word lines, in the whole film and yet it had a fairly intricate and complex plot. At least considering the lack of script.

It's basically about a hermit who witnesses a brutal killing but who nobody ends up believing so he takes matters into his own hands in trying to solve the murder case and we watch as he fumbles about his daily routine while trying to comprehend the murder and why no-one believes him and such...

I enjoyed it okay, the plot was decent, the acting was good. Some of the scenes chose weird angles or cuts that I didn't care for, but is that just nit-picking? I dunno... I think it can be fairly distracting to the film... but maybe it was just my opinion, and for the most part the cinematography was fine, there were just moments that I got a headache about it.

A plus is this movie is only just over an hour long. Not that I'm implying that you're longing for it to end, far from it, but it's good that the director realized that the limited capacity of film without dialog has no need to be stretched to feature-length just for the sake of being that long. The film tells the story of the hermit without the need to add a few random scenes in to stretch it's time out...

Anyhoo. Film good.

Monday, February 11, 2008

An Uzi At The Alamo

Sorry I haven't reviewed any films in a while but I've been busy listening to M.I.A's song Paper Planes on repeat for hours on end.
Just part of a little social experiment to see how it might affect my thought processes, and besides that one killing spree it's working pretty well to disprove any negative side affects to modern music... not that anyone was trying to say that M.I.A, or anyone else for that matter, was having a negative affect on anyone in any way. I just wanted to listen to it over and over again...

Anyway, we watched this movie along with Escape From New York about a week ago and even if you hadn't already seen Escape From New York you'd be able to tell which one of these films was more awesome just from the title. I mean... an Uzi at the Alamo? come on!

Anyway reading the films description (And having now seen it), it turns out the general plot doesn't actually have anything to do with an Uzi at the Alamo which, at first, may make you want to curse the writer for using a misleading title but when you hear it's about an unpublished writer who decides, much to the loving support of his family, that he's going to kill himself on his 25th birthday for no apparent reason other than to do it, you can begin to forgive the writer because frankly, a film about an Uzi at the Alamo may only have been awesome for about 5 minutes or so (But what a five minutes it would be, eh?).

Anyhoo, even knowing the plot doesn't involve a sub machine gun being sent back in time to affect the outcome of a significant event in American history you might stick this film in your DVD player thinking "But why does it have this title? Seems pretty fucking retarded!", much as I did! But thankfully the writer cuts right to it and we're shown a shot of the Alamo and a voice over of someone telling us about it and just when you think the film description was wrong and you're not going to see a film about a suicidal prick and instead are going to see five minutes of historical chaos unfold, we find that the suicidal writer in the film just has a penchant for the Alamo...

And later on, after still thinking this film could have had a better title, it all ties together at the very end of the film and you realize, at the same time as the principal characters, just why the film really deserved the title it had - when the lead character aquires a sub-machine gun from an ex-military friend of his and travels back in time to the Alamo and hands over the gun to Davey Crocket to forever change the course of history!

Not really, but I wish I had something to say about this film that wasn't about it's title because it was pretty fucking cool.

Incidentally, before we sat down to watch this film we started to watch The Girl From Monday, but got about ten minutes into it before realizing it was a steaming pile of turd and not even worth our time. So avoid that pile of trash, no matter how appealing the marketing based future 'utopia' type idea of the film might sound. It's not. And frankly there are a million books and films with that idea already. Watch An Uzi At The Alamo instead.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ok, so yes this was a kids movie and wasn't really amongst the kind of computer animated films that are half-aimed at kids while still trying to appeal to the poor bored parents watching them (though it sure as hell seemed to want to be one of those.judging purely by choice of voice-actors), so maybe it's a bit unfair of me to review it like any other film but it frankly had some of the cheapest looking computer animation I've seen in a long time.

Possibly ever.

And for that I condemn it to the ever growing number of films I've condemned.

The Invasion

Due to laziness on my part, and making it probably more convenient for anyone trying to view the archive posts, I decided I'll just name them after the film I'm reviewing instead of the Tagline. Isn't that a hoot?

I hope you're happy now, you bastards! You and your constant complaining and whining that I don't make any sense naming the posts after taglines...

Yes, I was fully aware that it made it trickier for people to view the archives and if anyone were to actually be using my site for the purpose of seeking out a review of a specific film that it would be near impossible. But frankly I didn't care, sir! Mine is not a site of "convention" and "following standards", and I say to thee that my site is not for the casual film observer, looking for a serious opinion on a film but rather someone who is interested in a perspective on a film that they haven't heard of, or is just interested in a fresh, or at least original, opinion on a film.

That is what this site is about, sir! Integrity, originality and freedom of expression!

But you come in here with your complaints about Taglines, and non-sensical reviews and thwarts my great ideas of making an interesting movie review blog!!! How dare you!!!

Nonetheless, from this day forth, the Title of my posts shall be that of the name of the movie which I review...

I hope you're satisfied, you son-of-a-bitch!

(Why did no-one like this film? Was the original that much better? Because I thought this was pretty cool...)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Freddy Vs Ghostbusters

I don't think it's fair that I review this in any sort of "proper" manner as it appears to have been made on the low, just a group of people who were just having a laugh and trying to make a fun little "film".

It's only about 30 minutes long and yes, it involves the Ghostbusters we all know and love doing battle with Freddy Krueger.

Ummm... that's all. I think it's worth a viewing.

Speaking of which it's available to download at the Official Freddy Vs Ghostbusters Site!
Here's a link:

I'm pretty sure that'll be the only place it's available too.

You might as well watch it, right?