Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Invasion

Due to laziness on my part, and making it probably more convenient for anyone trying to view the archive posts, I decided I'll just name them after the film I'm reviewing instead of the Tagline. Isn't that a hoot?

I hope you're happy now, you bastards! You and your constant complaining and whining that I don't make any sense naming the posts after taglines...

Yes, I was fully aware that it made it trickier for people to view the archives and if anyone were to actually be using my site for the purpose of seeking out a review of a specific film that it would be near impossible. But frankly I didn't care, sir! Mine is not a site of "convention" and "following standards", and I say to thee that my site is not for the casual film observer, looking for a serious opinion on a film but rather someone who is interested in a perspective on a film that they haven't heard of, or is just interested in a fresh, or at least original, opinion on a film.

That is what this site is about, sir! Integrity, originality and freedom of expression!

But you come in here with your complaints about Taglines, and non-sensical reviews and thwarts my great ideas of making an interesting movie review blog!!! How dare you!!!

Nonetheless, from this day forth, the Title of my posts shall be that of the name of the movie which I review...

I hope you're satisfied, you son-of-a-bitch!

(Why did no-one like this film? Was the original that much better? Because I thought this was pretty cool...)

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