Friday, February 22, 2008

Soft For Digging

This movie was a little unusual.
There must have been maybe two or three lines of dialog, mostly one word lines, in the whole film and yet it had a fairly intricate and complex plot. At least considering the lack of script.

It's basically about a hermit who witnesses a brutal killing but who nobody ends up believing so he takes matters into his own hands in trying to solve the murder case and we watch as he fumbles about his daily routine while trying to comprehend the murder and why no-one believes him and such...

I enjoyed it okay, the plot was decent, the acting was good. Some of the scenes chose weird angles or cuts that I didn't care for, but is that just nit-picking? I dunno... I think it can be fairly distracting to the film... but maybe it was just my opinion, and for the most part the cinematography was fine, there were just moments that I got a headache about it.

A plus is this movie is only just over an hour long. Not that I'm implying that you're longing for it to end, far from it, but it's good that the director realized that the limited capacity of film without dialog has no need to be stretched to feature-length just for the sake of being that long. The film tells the story of the hermit without the need to add a few random scenes in to stretch it's time out...

Anyhoo. Film good.

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