Sunday, March 2, 2008


I'm pretty sure I just watched Slipstream.
I'm almost certain it was a movie written, directed and starring Anthony Hopkins...
Though it's perfectly possible that what I actually watched was actually just a promotional featurette about Slipstream.
In many ways that would make a lot of sense. Well, at least some sense.
It's also within the realms of possibility that what has actually happened is that I've just seen a trailer for Slipstream and basically convinced myself that I saw the entire film.
Not that Slipstream was the sort of confusing film that David Lynch might vomit up over a weekend. In fact it was fairly coherent and straight forward by comparison to the likes of his films.
Or maybe it was completely confusing and I simply didn't understand?
That's a likelihood too...
It's actually likely that Slipstream isn't actually a movie at all and just a bizarre and twisted figment of my own imagination. Perhaps it's a book I watched in a dream? Who knows.
That's it, I'm pretty sure Slipstream doesn't actually exist. Or maybe it only exists and we don't?
I found this trailer for it online...

... but that doesn't prove a God-damned thing!


Anonymous said...

According to imdb 'slipstream' exists not once but five times including one instance about a time travelling bankrobber, one no-ones ever heard of despite the fact its by Steven Spielberg and best of all an eighties post-apocolypptic sci-fi starring mark hamill and robbie coltrane and directed by the guy that did 'Tron'!

Anonymous said...

(from Ranald btw)

Spike Vicious said...

They're remaking Tron! Or making a sequel I think rather... something like that... you won't check this! Let me post a blog on myspace about it