Monday, March 17, 2008

Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man is in part a documentary about Grizzly Bears in Alaska but is far more accurately a documentary about Timothy Treadwell who, in spite of his cartoon-character like name, was a slightly eccentric "eco-warrior", who braved it out in the wilderness "protecting" grizzly bears until he was ultimately mauled to death and eaten by one...

The film was by renowned director-with-a-foreign-accent Werner Herzog, who compiled the documentary/film using a lot of footage of Timothy Treadwell, most of which was shot by Timothy Treadwell. It's spliced together not in the way I imagine Timothy Treadwell wanted it but instead focuses a lot of the attention on Timothy himself, which I'm sure wasn't Timothy's (primary) goal and only shows the hunking great furry muscle bound killing machines in relation to him, reacting to him or being pointed to by him...

He also makes friends with a bunch of foxes.

Not much point to that sentence but it's true and they are pretty fucking cute.

*SPOILER AHEAD* (if you can call information on a non-fiction film a spoiler?)

I was at first very anxious and sad by the fact that Timothy was killed and eaten by one of the very creatures he was studying and befriending but Werner makes very sure to point out, in spite of what everyone else is saying about Timothy being a fool who shouldn't have been getting close to such fearsome beasts, that the bear that killed him was not one of the ones that he got close to and that it was later in the year, closer to when they get ready to hibernate that he was killed.

So yes, Timothy Treadwell made a mistake returning to the place where he studied bears long after he's usually there but Werner also points out that it was because some fat-assed fucker started an argument with him at the airport about his ticket or something! The nerve! Fuck humanity, I'm going to go get eaten by a bear!

Fuck it all!

Fuck this world!

Fuck everything that you stand for!

No... that's slipknot... but anyway, the sentiment of it rings true in this film! Or at least from Timothy Treadwell himself... especially in one very vulgar scene that Werner had to dub himself speaking over so as not to offend too much...


This film is a must for all fans of Werner Herzog who also like Grizzly Bears.

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