Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Death Row

It's important to say that perhaps a week ago I was in my kitchen mixing a vodka seltzer drink for Becky when I thought to myself "I wonder what alcoholic delight could be mixed with Root Beer or Dr Pepper?", since Cola is a main staple in many alcohol-soft drink combinations I thought it would be nice if some of the sodas I actually drink were usable in such a fashion, however I couldn't think of any that would mix well... but I gave up on the thought!

Until just before watching this movie when I was making a Mochatini (Vodka, Chocolate Liqueur and Coffee Liqueur) and I thought "Hold on, would Chocolate Liqueur go in Root Beer?".

I almost snubbed the whole thing out as a pointless endeavor when I decided that even if it was disgusting I'd still drink the fucker. So I added one shot of Chocolate Liquer to a glass of nice cold Root Beer! And it worked! Kind of... more or less the flavors cancelled each other out to make a relatively bland drink but I at the very least discovered that it was possible to mix some sort of alcoholic beverage with my Root Beer.

So I can now set forth and enjoy a life of alcoholism while still enjoying my favorite soft drink!

As for a review: Don't ever watch this fucking film.

If anyone knows of any delicious alcohol recipes using Dr Pepper or Root Beer, kindly comment!

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