Sunday, January 4, 2009

Isolation (2005)

Think "Black Sheep without the comic element".
In spite of this film involving, essentially, killer cows do not be fooled into thinking this might in some way be a humorous horror-comedy like Black Sheep was. Thankfully the back cover to the film tells you nothing of killer cows or people slipping into piles of shit that might make you think the film had some slapstick moments so I wasn't expecting anything funny but after reading this review and hearing about it you might be, in which case - mission accomplished!

Seriously though, this film is pretty good in a gruesome kind of way... the plot is fairly sub-standard - genetic experiments gone wrong - but the film makes up for it by having a fair amount of grizzly gore (Very little of it inflicted on humans though, I'm afraid). Before seeing this film I never thought I'd see so many people squash fetus' with the butts of guns, crawl through, fall in, wade through and fall into piles of cow shit constantly. I feel like this film wins some sort of record for "Most amount of cow shit used on a film".

I hope it was all real cow shit. That would make the film seem just that much more enjoyable.

Anyway, we got this film from the Previously Viewed Bin at the Video King for like $3, along with a pile of other horror films we've never heard of and this one has at least proved (Not that this needed proving to me) that just because you've never heard of a film doesn't mean it isn't worth watching. I somehow doubt all the films we bought are going to be as watchable though so maybe we started out with the one that's going to make all the others seem like absolute piles of turd by comparison... we'll see...

Here's a trailer:

IMdB page for Isolation

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