Sunday, August 19, 2007

Moon Of The Wolf

"Did The Wild Dogs Do It To Her? Depends What You Mean By "Do It"."

This was a TV movie made in 1972, but we had the good fortune to find it in Wal-mart (or possibly the dollar store) on a double feature disc, coupled with "Dr Jekyl Vs The Werewolf", which, if it turns out to be as good as "Moon Of The Wolf" will make it well worth the $1 we spent on the DVD!

When you pay $1 for a movie (Never mind 2) you expect a pile of turd that's worth the buck just to laugh at the atrocious nature of the film-making and more or less have your own version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in your living room as you pick at holes and mock the cheesy special effects and piss-poor acting! So when a movie turns out to be watchable, well scripted and reasonable it's almost a dissapointment.
"Moon Of The Wolf" is like a brilliant blend of the two! It has enough poor acted moments and cheesy lines to inspire a few sneaky jabs at the writer's expense but it has enough of a plot (plot by werewolf movie standards, let's not get carried away here!) and is together enough to be enjoyed as a film in itself and not just a giant freak show of a movie!
The movie basically follows the same plot as about a million other werewolf movies where some scared townsfolk don't know what's going on while a hapless hero slowly puts things together just in time to save a woman who he just met and started to like during the movie.
The special effects are lame, the acting is sub-standard but hey, it only cost 50 cents!?
We'll see if Dr Jekyl Vs The Werewolf lives up to it's 50 cents...

Moon Of The Wolf's Wikipedia article


Anonymous said...

Dollar Store, we bought 26 movies that day.

I'm not sure there were any special effects. That might be why they were pretty lame.

Spike Vicious said...

I'd call the facial hair a special effect, as well as the leaping through the window!
Not much of an effect but I think it is one nonetheless

Anonymous said...

Are you sure he didn't just forget to shave?