Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

This was, obviously, a sequel to the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. It was not, as far as I can tell, a remake of The Hills Have Eyes Part II from 1985, which was a sequel to the original Hills Have Eyes, but followed a different story (From what I read, I haven't seen The Hills Have Eyes part II (1985)). The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) follows a group of morons who decide to wander into the desert because the army told them to, or something. Despite having a very similar title to The Hills Have Eyes (Similar to both the 1977 title and the 2006 title, which were both very similar to each other also) The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Not part II) differs from it's predecessor(s?) in a few key ways.

First my thoughts on the original (remake. The original remake from 2006, not 77, k?)
Upon watching The Hills Have Eyes I was fairly surprised at what a good remake it was, in this day and age it's common to see a film that's a rendition or remake or sequel to something fairly awesome only to discover the filmmakers have taken it in a ridiculous and vomitous direction away from the original ideas and into a steaming pile of turd. The Hills Have Eyes did a great job remaking the classic '77 version, keeping most of the elements that made it both brutal and entertaining, while changing just enough to make it also likable by a modern audience. Note that I say "also", the filmmakers seemed to make sure that it also appealed greatly to fans of the original.

Upon watching The Hills Have Eyes 2 I realized it sucked ass

The Hills Have Eyes wisely chose a director who had at least shown once (with Haute Tension) how grizzly he could make on screen violence

The Hills Have Eyes 2 chose someone who sucked ass (Directed a KoRn video)

The Hills Have Eyes was gripping enough to keep you in a fairly tense mood throughout and actually managed to make you feel some sort of empathy for the main characters much like older horror films so that the audience is, to some degree, genuinely fearful for what may become of them, not just hoping they all snuff it in interesting ways. Indeed, I do believe that it was far more empowering when the good guys were taking out the bad guys than the other way round, which is something I think is important, but sadly almost always lacking, in horror films but seems to be common in Wes Craven's works (Wes Craven wrote and directed the original Hills Have Eyes).

The Hills Have Eyes 2 sucked ass

Look at this trailer!

I remember seeing it and thinking: "Awesome, they're making a new one and it looks like they're trying to make it creepy and cool"
But hey! That scene isn't in the film
Those people aren't in the film
That music isn't in the film
Unlike the first one, they didn't even attempt to use vaguely cool (different, new, interesting) music, opting instead for a nu-metal sound track
Fuck this film
Fuck it right in the ear

The Hills Have Eyes Official Website (Includes the sequel)


dirt said...

I haven't seen the new version of Hills Have Eyes 2, but did suffer through the original sequel... what a mess that was! I'm a fan of so-bad-they're-good horror flicks, but the 1985 (?) flick was so-bad-it-was-bad. I thought the remake of the original Hills Have Eyes was okay, but kind of pointless, and really took away some of the aspects I loved about the original. Not rushing to see the sequel... but will when it comes to one of my pay channels.

Spike Vicious said...

I haven't seen the original sequel, but intend to soon.
I thought the remake of the first one was pretty cool though so we have to disagree on that one!
Thanks for the comment!