Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Made

Cast: Jason Impey

A notorious film maker is striving to make the ultimate snuff film by killing a bunch of random people.

Review: What in the world was this film doing on a DVD collection of horror films I recently purchased? I mean, kudos to the film-maker. Not only does it seem like a fairly reasonable film of practice shots that I'm sure will serve him well if he ever makes a proper production, and fair play to him for managing to get it on any sort of official release in a foreign country (The film is from the U.K. and I'm in the U.S.) but really, this served as little more than inspiration for me to go out and make a horror film since apparently you can just film a bunch of people walking endlessly before eventually meeting their not-so-gory end in some fairly unrealistic death scenes, followed by another person walking endlessly before dying in a similar boring fashion and have it pass as a releasable work of art.

In Short: ...

Biggest Positive: The director must feel pretty fucking sweet that this got released

Biggest Negative: I don't.

Jason Impey's Website - he's the director and also plays the director in the film he directed about a director.

Trivia: Unlike other films I've given poor reviews to I might feel a pang of guilt of the director reads this...

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