Saturday, April 12, 2008

Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

I think I saw a near perfect movie...

It starts out a little bit like the Blair Witch Project, except in this film the documenters (Is that the correct word?) are following Leslie Vernon, who they call a "supernatural killer". He corrects them saying he's more "in the business of fear", but basically he's a "Jason", "Freddy" or "Michael Myers" in training.

We follow him and the documentary makers (Still not sure what the term for one who makes a documentary is) as we see how Leslie stalks the correct prey, making sure his primary target is a teenage virgin girl and ensuring that she hangs around a mixed group of friends in order to vary up his killing spree as much as possible. We also follow his extreme training so he can do things like, look like he's dead for prolonged amounts of time or keep up with people who are running at full speed but still just looking like he's walking and several random things that are wholly cliched in slasher films... it all comes across as ridiculous and hilarious, and comedy slashed with horror is always my favorite kind of comedy (and horror) and with just this comic look at a serial killer from the perspective of a bunch of people who act basically as though they're merely tracking someone with an unusual obsession with stamp collecting the movie would be complete enough and I would have been wholly satisfied but...

The film-makers (the real ones, who made the film, not the ones in the film) correctly deduce that the people who will be watching this film will be people into slasher films... so why just document the killer! We are introduced fairly early on to some cut scenes away from the documentary style and see what will happen in the lives of the victims, and get glimpses of a "real" slasher film, interspliced nicely with the clips of our humorous documentary.

Kind of like a really awesome cheese and branston pickle sandwhich.

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