Monday, April 28, 2008


This film wasn't nearly as bad as I expected from other reviews, all slamming the "shaky-cam" effect as being too annoying or causing too many seizure induced comas or whatever... pussies!

Although I do concede that most likely if I had seen this film in the movie theater that the shaky-cam may have made me want to rip the director's arm off and beat him to death with it... but I wasn't. I was on my couch not being some loser "movie-goer", thanks.

Anyhow, if it hadn't had the Shaky-cam crap, would it not have just been some Sci-fi special?
Would it not have been just another Godzilla? Sure would! Because in spite of my lack of annoyance at the shaky-cam style of the movie (No-one got this annoyed at Blair Waitch. wtf?) I was quite displeased that the creature itself looked about as original as a Michael Bay epic.
Could it not have been a giant frog?
Could it not have been a magnificently oversized slug?

Whatever, no big gripe because I'm sure half the point in the film was that, unlike Godzilla, the pointin the film was the people in it rather than the monster itself.
Which would be why they didn't get someone as cardboard as Mathew Broderick in it.

That was a zing!


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