Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Am Legend

Yeah so I've had a few beers, and yeah, I do prefer to review less... well... films that don't star Will Smith so much... yeah, so what?

You wanna make something of it, pal?



Hey! I'm talking to you! You wanna hear this review or not?
Ok, ok...

So like, Will Smith is the last human alive, right? And like... he's some doctor, and he's working on something because... uh, oh wait no, because see... there are other people but they're just all like... crazed out on some cancer or something, right? Is that what happened?

Wait, can I start this review over? I get one do-over, right...

Man, look, I'll be honest... I started watching this film, had me a few beers and couldn't stop yelling at the T.V. and telling the Fresh Prince to get home to Bel Air before the shit got too real!
He didn't listen... the dumb bastard.
Then he hopped in his fancy airplane with Jeff Goldblum and blew up all the bad guys.


Shit got real.

Then my review started!

Ok, so Will Smith was just an ordinary New Yorker, not a care in the world when suddenly POW! a movie came along that was pretty cool about humanity being extinct. In this movie, stuff happened, but that's not important. What is important is that he had a pretty awesome dog.
That dog was so sweet, man.
It was all like, "woof!"
And Will was all like "Shut the fuck up, this is meant to be a serious movie about wierdo people who live in shitty buildings"
Then the dog was all like, "woof?"
Which was doggie for "For real?"
And Will was all like, "For real."

Then I'm pretty sure he made out with his creepy manican girlfriend. Dude, he totally made out with her and it was gross.
Then he totally cried about it, because he was a bit of a wuss.
Then, he said "Home, to Bel Air!"
And all was good.

Until the ending.


The fucking ending to this movie can fuck off and suck someplace else because I was thoroughly enjoying this movie until the last 10 minutes or so!




P.S. I'll give this as many tags as I want. This is my blog MOTHERFUCKERS!

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