Friday, June 20, 2008


I may have gotten the title to this film wrong, it may be Frontier, The Frontier, The Frontiers, Frontiers, Frontier(s) or The Frontier(s), or it may be all of those combined, I really have no idea.

Anyhow, in (this film) a bunch of rebel crazy anarchist French teenagers go on the run from the Paris police in a recently-turned-crazy-right-wing France only to find themselves right in the middle of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre nowhere surrounded by Neo Nazis, who in actual fact aren't very "Neo" given that the father of the inbred crazies seems to have been around since the first Reich.

As is inevitable in these situations the teenagers try and fight their way out but are shockingly slaughtered, hung upside down and gutted one by one because (duh!) they're a bunch of teenagers and they're trying to take on fully trained inbred super-race type Neo Nazi crazy motherfuckers.

That is until, our leading lady gets a nice short haircut which, of course, turns any self respecting lady into a bad-ass Nazi killing machine! Suddenly the bullets fly, the (non-Aryan) blood flies and it's as if Rambo just showed up to take care of business...

Then she does a jittery "I'm a crazy person" walk right at the end and you suddenly realize the whole film was really a comedy and you just didn't get it.

For serious, watch it yourself to find out!

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