Monday, June 23, 2008

Southland Tales

I knew from the first time I saw the trailer to this film, a long time ago on a rental DVD far away, that this would be a film that I would enjoy a lot but that wouldn't reach any sort of popular status among the naive and thought-limited public. By "thought-limited" I mean "No-one likes The Rock now that he's plain ol' Dwayne Johnson".

Can you smell what Dwayne Johnson is cooking?

Yes... it's supper for his family. And I believe he's boiling a kettle for tea. How quaint!

Anyway, point is I was correct, I loved this film but I feel that no-one else on the planet does... am I right or is that just the feeling this film evokes in everyone? Does everyone think they're the only ones who like this film? Am I a unique snowflake?
Let's not tread down the Fight Club route because it has nothing to do with this film.

After I had basically IMDBed the shit out of this whole film (That's right! I used IMDB as a verb. I used an internet term as a verb that isn't affiliated with google (yet), how d'ya like them apples!?), because there was a lot to check on, I came to a concise understanding of the lessons learned in this film. They are as follows: (I love lists, don't you?)
  • You can never have too much Jesus symbolism
  • According to Richard Kelly (Director of this and Donnie Darko), Time Travel and the end of the world have something to do with each other, but he'll be damned if he'll just come out and say it. Instead, let's watch a couple of hours of him almost telling us...
  • As I have always suspected and hoped, Buffy The Vampire Slayer does not do anal.
  • Before casting this film, a lot of films from the 80's were watched.
  • The Rock is a pimp, and pimp's don't commit suicide.
  • Justin Timberlake is not a pimp, and perhaps he should have committed suicide.
  • Arty Movie With A Social Point To Make + Pixies Song = Awesome. (This formula will never fail)
  • Moby is a dick.
  • Donnie Darko was successful.
And that concludes this "review".
High Five!

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