Friday, August 15, 2008

Movie Thoughts: Tim Burton To Direct "Alice In Wonderland"?

So I just heard that Tim Burton is set to direct a remake of the classic tale, "Alice In Wonderland"!
What's up?
Did he run out of merchandise to hawk at Hot Topic?
No, but seriously, much as the idea of a Burton directed Alice In Wonderland might be whimsical and wonderful. Colorful yet gloomy. Gothic and blah blah etc. Isn't it just about the most predictable thing you could ever come up with?

It's like hearing Stephen Spielberg has decided to direct an epic war movie or Johnny Depp decided to star in a Burton film (I hear he may be the Mad Hatter, how original, I would never have thought of putting him in that role... ever...)

Come on, Tim! Have a little creativity! Do something we don't expect!
It's one thing for Spielberg to churn out epics or Michael Bay to make a film full of slow-motion explosions (or for him to butcher a bunch of classic horror films by opting not to cast Freddy Krueger as Freddy Krueger! WTF?!(By "Freddy Krueger" I mean "Robert Englund, of course)) but Tim Burton, at one time, was a somewhat inspiring and original craftsman and although I'm sure the film will be enjoyable enough it will, alas, fill me with sad, sad, CGI tears.

Do something unpredictable, please!

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