Monday, May 28, 2007


I can't resist making an entry about this little piece of genius.
This is another episode of Masters Of Horror, a TV show where different horror directors get a shot at making a 1 hour episode, this time from director Joe Dante, who directed Gremlins and The Howling. Sounds awesome so far and only gets better!
It follows the political struggles of members of the Republican party as they try and get some president who's quite clearly George W. Bush into office for four more years. It takes completely blunt stabs at the back stabbing tactics and mis-informing that it is my, and apparently this film-makers, belief that the Republican party is guilty of.
Sounds ok so far, but this plot is missing something.
You guessed it, Zombies!
In a careless televised error, one of the republicans (the morale, likable one, who's the lead role) inadvertantly wishes all the dead from the war could come back.
His idea was that, hypothetically, they would come back and say how honoured they were to have fought and died for the cause! But he's way wrong, because they all come back as zombies who hate the current administartion and want to see it destroyed! Brilliant!
And how will they destroy it?!
Ripping off heads?!
Tearing out throats?!
Spreading the undead love like only a horde of corpses can do?!
They're going to vote motherfucker!
This film is as brilliant as it is ridiculous!
If you like the political messages that are apparent thorughout such Zombie films as Romero's bunch, then you'll probably be amused by the way this one has absolutely no tact in it's blatant political messages throughout, mainly direct stabs at Bush and his misleading of the public and mishandling of the war in Iraq. Like we really needed it spelled out to us... nonetheless, this movie does it without tippy toeing around the subject! Pow!
It's a must-see and I'm going to give it 5/5 before quickly retracting that score and giving it a more honest, 4/5.
Here's a trailer, by gum!

IMDb Page For Homecoming

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