Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road

"Incident On And Off A Mountain Road" isn't so much a movie as a TV movie.

And it isn't so much a TV movie as a TV series.

And it isn't so much a TV series as an episode of a TV series.

And it isn't so much "an" episode of "a" TV series as the first episode of the ongoing TV series Masters OF Horror, which involves a director who is acclaimed in the horror/thriller genre coming in with a very limited budget and time frame and making a 50 minute or so long movie.

The results, from what we've seen, are fairly respectable although the obvious limitations have the potential to hinder the writer/directors ability to tell a story and also means that the writer/director of each episode is probably going to choose to do a story that they don't think is going to work as a movie of their own... I think though, that these slight (They are slight, I'm not trying to bad-mouth the great directors, and John Carpenter (haha! just kidding John!), who've worked on these) format problems are more apparent in other episodes of the series and are not present in "Incident On And Off A Mountain Road". Don Coscarelli, who wrote and directed this particular episode, actually did a great job in using the shorter time frame he was given to make a film which could only have really worked in the time frame given, and probablyw ouldn't have in a full length film!

If you don't know Don (as I didn't) , he wrote, directed, co-directed, produced, starred in, did the voices for, operated the camera, animated and composed the score for Bubba Hotep! He also had a cameo.

This particluar movie/short/series/film/cartoon/bi-epic involved a young girl who found herself wishing for a better life and boy did she get it!
One stormy night as she's driving along a pleasant piece of road named "There ain't shit for 75 miles sucka!" she crashes into a stationary car (Women drivers, eh?! haha, just kidding John!) and subsequently ends up lost in the middle of the woods.

As so often happens in these situations she is chased by an unamed assailant who, judging by the snarling and drooling, would like her dead! The horror! The poor defenseless woman is quickly in over her head and ends up captured by the beast!
In captivity she is welcomed by some friendly drunk old man...

... who we quickly learn is a complete pratt.
The film does a generally good job of being a film where the lead character is a female who doesn't get walked all over and just screams all the way through, only to "somehow" defy the evil. She's believably tough in a way many films fail at portraying. Strike one for the feminists, eh John! haha!

Anyhow, from the episodes of Masters Of Horror I've seen so far this one is at least in my top 20! Good work guys! Less of the yapping next time, John! haha! just kidding!

I give "Incident On And Off A Mountain Road" 3/5!

Here's a genuine trailer, not liek those fake ones I sometimes post...

IMDB Page for Incident On And Off A Mountain Road

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