Friday, January 25, 2008

Halloween (2007)

Let's face it, no-one expected this to be any good at all.

I fully comprehended that he's a bit of a crappy director. I liked House Of 1000 Corpses, but Devil's Rejects was too trashy and there was no empathizing with good or bad guys on any level, and I fear it wasn't a deliberate ploy on Mr. Zombie's part, just poor writing/directing.
Unfortunately the trash from Devil's Rejects seemed to sprawl itself out and infect Halloween. I don't think there was any need to show what a fucked up upbringing Michael Myers had at all, period. He was far spookier and scarier when it seemed like his upbringing (from the fleeting glimpse we see in the first original Halloween) was relatively normal and he just snapped, then years institutionalized made him even worse.
That would have sufficed, Mr. Zombie, as the whole part where he's in the mental institution was fine, but his trashy family was not!

Anyway, that was expected. Like I say it was fully understood that he was crappy in this aspect. What I hadn't comprehended from the other films is how crappy a director he really is. So many unexpected and pointless cuts, close-ups of someone eating for no good reason, shots that aren't quite centered on the focus, shots with too much glare and, my own personal pet-peeve, epic fight scene type segments shot entirely in the fucking dark!!! I hate that shit... I know sometimes it;s creepier to not know what's going on, but for 20 minutes of film it'd be nice to have some idea!

At first you might think that edgy cutting, shaky cameras, glare etc. are all just part of Rob Zombie's style but I say fuck that shit?! Even if it his style, his style fucking sucks.

Let's see more crazy clowns and less white trash in yer films please Rob!

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