Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blood Car.

I've got a movie to watch, on a cloudy day
When you walk to work, I'll drive all the way.

I guess you'd say
What can make me drive away
Blood Car (Blood car, Blood car)
Talkin' 'bout Blood car! (Blood car).

I ain't got much money, for $40 gas today
I'd far rather, Invent another way.

WelI.. "Got gas?", You'd say
"What makes your car run this way?"
Blood car (Blood car, blood car)
Fuelin' up my Blood car (Blood car)


Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

Ooooh Yeah..

I tried to make an engine, better for you and me
Turns out it runs on human blood, now I'm on a killing spree

Well..No gas, who cares?
I've got a brand-new-super-engine-I-invented-while-I-was-trying-to-make-an-
to whisk us both away!
Blood car (Blood car, Blood car)
Talkin' 'bout Blood car (Blood car)

I got a neat-o film from Netflix today
Called Blood car
Some film snobs might call it gay!
But it's blood car!

Blood car!

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