Monday, January 28, 2008


I have my own vision of a post-zombie invasion, turmoil, corruption riddled world type film.
It would be something like Land Of The Dead, but with more riding through the desert on motorbikes with chainsaws! Better yet, riding through the desert on mighty dark stallions with hacksaws! Sort of like an over primitive, gory, blood soaked, semi-political Mad Max.
It would be a decent film but it'd be exactly what everyone might expect from a post-zombie attack world film, right?

But that's because we always assume the zombies would win in the end! But what if man and zombie found a way to live/die in harmony together! Specifically, what if man found a way to harness the zombies and put them to work doing useful things like digging, holding umbrellas, standing around waving and making vague attempts to carry things to their human masters?

What if this all happened in a 1950's America, giving a sort of cold-war era chill to the everyday paranoia of the old Zombie War and the heroes that fought and killed their own families for the freedom of the survivors?

What if one little boy named Timmy did the unthinkable and not only learned to befriend his Zombie, but also taught his strictly conservative mother to open up and do the same?

A heartwarming tale involving one young boy... and his Zombie.

What if the lead Zombie was played by Billy Connoly!? Got you interested now, huh?
Strangely, Billy looked a lot more clean cut as a member of the undead than he usually does in real life...

Anyhow, point is this is a zombie film with a distinct originality, which is always good. Zombie films are really cool and all but when they're not just run-of-the-mill "Zombies rise and attack, let's follow the survivors" we begin to see why "Zombie Film" is almost a genre in itself, and not just another kind of horror film.

Fido managed to actually have a somewhat heartwarming message about humanity, but since every time there's a "stop, pause to reflect on this little joyous part of 1950's American love!" moment, someone's arm gets ripped off or someone gets shot, it really takes the edge off and turns the heartwarming into comedy!


I shall end this review here by saying, although I'm only giving this film 3 smiley faces out of 5, it's still a must see. It wasn't great by any means but absolutely must be seen by everyone!

If you have Netflix, it's on the Browse Instantly category, so you don't have any excuse, bitch!

Here's a trailer, I think this movie was worthy of my promotionsing